Saturday, April 29, 2017

Got my proof copies in the mail today; good and bad

In broad strokes, the books look good. I still have to go through and read the physical copies, since that's always the best way to proofread and find typos. (Typos are mysterious that way. The only want to manifest themselves once the book is printed. They hide while they live in computer files.)

Some of the book's illustrations, though, did turn out looking kind of crap—a few are almost solid black on the page. I'm going to have to re-sample them, adjust for much higher brightness/contrast, and try again. Which means another 2–3 weeks before I can publish the print editions. Oh, well; them's the breaks.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Muchly of things to be happening now

A bunch of stuff all at once.
• My proof copies for E&E and Gaia finally shipped, supposedly to arrive next Monday (the 1st). Cool beans.
• Finally finished watching through MST3K season 11.  It was awesome, I can't recommend it enough, and I hope that they keep on making more of it forever and ever.
• That software I talked about having written for a final class project last post? I'm now using it to help fill in the setting for the next E&E campaign that I'm going to run, the Lenovia river-valley and the Bâlamont Bayou. Basically, think The Princess and the Frog (the Disney one) meets Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. D&D fantasy plus 19th century southern Americana. It'll be a real hootenanny.
• And, oh, hey, yeah, I'm finally graduating in two weeks. Once final exams are done, I'm going to have that B.S. in physics. Ahem… w00t.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Stocking dungeons with Python (and I don't mean the 5 HD snake)

So this is fun... for my final project in my coding class, I've decided to write a suite of useful gamer tools in Python. I just finished the character generator last night, and now I'm working on a random dungeon-room content-generator. When all is said and done, I'll also hopefully have a working random wilderness (hex) map generator.

Lucky thing I just made up a page full of wilderness hexes to use for illustrating the E&E Core Rules, eh?  I'll bet that I could color 'em and have something pretty nifty here...

UPDATE: Well, it's after midnight (again...), but I managed to finish the whole project today. I now have a working character generator, dungeon-floor auto-stocker, and a random wilderness hex map generator.

And I can't stop playing with these little toys. So freaking cool... :D

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Holy crap, there's gonna be a new 'Alternity'

I mean, we all knew that a 2nd edition of 7th Sea came out, right?  That was kind of a big deal.  I haven't gotten the chance to check it out yet, but I really want to. I mean, come on, Théah was a pretty major source of inspiration for Gaia.

But I had no clue that Alternity was also getting a reboot!  I freaking loved Alternity back in high school!  For most grognards out there, Traveller is probably their main sci-fi RPG.  Or maybe the Star Frontiers purple box, for people who came to the hobby a little later, in the Moldvay/Cook/Mentzer era. But me, I'm a 90s kinda guy, and in the 90s, Alternity was where it was at.

The rules are complex, sure, but not ridiculously so. It's somewhere between AD&D 1e and d20 Future (or d20 Star Wars).  And, sure, these days I'd probably sooner go for White Star or Stars Without Number or even Retro Phaze for an actual set of rules to run a sci-fi game… but man, did Alternity ever have the right vibe. Like a gritty Mass Effect, it managed to feel both grounded/realistic and totally gonzo at the same time. Especially if you used the Star*Drive setting.

Man, I am gonna have to play me some of this…

Now I can finally watch some TV…

I'm sure I'll get around to revising Retro Phaze quickly enough. (After all, all I really want to do is tweak the classes to make fighters and rogues a little more playable.) But in the meanwhile, I've been working on E&E so long and so obsessively that I've forgotten about other fun things to do.

My wife watched through Iron Fist; I mostly half paid attention to it in the background. But I did really like the parts of it I saw, so I don't understand all the harsh criticism it's getting.  My wife also started playing through Mass Effect: Andromeda, whereas I haven't even been arsed to install a graphics card in my PC capable of running the game. (I have the card sitting on the table by the PC; I just haven't bothered plugging it in.)

I'm slowly but surely working my way through the new MST3K and loving every moment of it. It's freaking fantastic. And I'm sure that once that's done, I'll pick back up with season one of Star Trek: TNG. (I still can't believe I've never watched it all the way through.) But for today… today, I'm in the mood for some truly classic MST3K.

I think that today, I'm going to watch me some Pumaman.

"Hm… the Pew-may-mun." —Tom Servo

E&E Core Rules & World of Gaia are published

…as ebooks, anyway.  The print versions will, of course, go live after I have proof copies in hand.

Peace, all, and good night. (I mean good morning; good God, it's bloody 3 AM again—why does this keep happening?)

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Whew. Okay. So that's done.

I decided to go ahead and cut the adventure out of the Gaia book and just make it more of a simple rehash of the original setting material. After all, the same reason I wanted to cut Gaia out of E&E (if I'm not playing in the setting, that part of the book is deadweight) applies to an adventure in a setting guide (if I'm not running the adventure, that part of the book is deadweight!).

That means, of course, that I'm essentially done with the 2nd book already:

World of Gaia Campaign Setting

And now I can worry about fixing Retro Phaze.  But maybe not until summer gets here. I'm exhausted.