Friday, June 17, 2022

More Gemstone Dice

A while back, I posted (without comment) a picture of a set of four stone dice that I had recently acquired. Those four dice — 2d6, 1d8, and 1d20 — are what I'd consider the bare minimum I need to run a game of D&D. But when it comes to comfortably, easily running a game, a set of seven is better. Though it isn't the standard set of seven that gamers everywhere are used to! 

Ideally, I want 3d6 (one die of a different color, so that you can tell them apart when rolling for surprise or initiative), 2d20 (different colors so that they can be used as percentile dice when needed), and the pair of 1d8 and 1d12 (so often rolled together when generating random wilderness encounters). That just about covers all the common situations that crop up while refereeing D&D.

So now my collection of stone dice looks like this:

The color scheme is a little wilder now, but I still like the aesthetic. I'm really looking forward to breaking them in. And yet, I don't have any clue when I'll manage to find the time to revive my campaign or start up a new one. Go figure. ■

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