Thursday, January 7, 2021

Predictably Horrifying.

I think the most horrifying thing about the attack on the Capitol yesterday is how utterly predictable it was. How not the least bit surprised I am. Seething mad, saddened beyond words, embarrassed for what's become of my country. But surprised? Not at all. Every single person who's been paying the least little bit of attention could have seen this coming from a country mile away. Could've predicted it; have predicted it. 

Bill Maher (who is, ordinarily, something of a feckless idiot who likes to spew half-brained Boomerisms and a rancid brand of "anti-SJW" liberalism while also being a fucking vaccine skeptic) was actually spot-on when he started calling the Trump administration's antics a "slow-moving coup" literal years ago.

It just so happens to be a coup instigated by morons and then actually attempted by the soldier-LARPing racist man-children in cammo cosplay who are the execrable dregs of the American right.

Will this prove to be the sputtering death-rattle of detached-from-reality conservatism, or nothing more than a practice run for a more competent fascist takeover in the future? Who can say.

But make no mistake: it should now be clear to everyone that Trumpism is fascism, and that pointing this out (as many have for years) is not the hysterical bawling of liberals. One of the identifying markers of fascism is that the strongman or dictator or other leader at the center of the movement is often dismissed as a buffoon and not taken seriously; another marker is that this is always a mistake.

And if you don't believe that Trumpism is most definitely American fascism ("wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross," as the saying goes)—defined as right-wing ethno-nationalism, among other details—merely consider what was happening on the opposite side of the country from Washington, D.C. yesterday.

This too shall pass; but not soon, and not without a great deal more work and more pain.

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