Thursday, February 14, 2019

Heh, I've got a better pun now

I need to republish Engines & Empires and World of Gaia.

Yes, I feel the need to kick the OSR logo off the back covers of both. (It has no right to be there now regardless, since Stuart Robertson rescinded it for everybody.) But there are also a few minor corrections to make—tweaks to the character sheets, the usual spate of minor typo corrections, and two bigger deals.

First, I'd like to tack the boxer and scholar classes that I wrote up (and presently have in their own little file on my sidebar over yonder to the left of the ol' blog) onto the end of the book in another appendix; and second, I feel a desperate need to update the melee weapon list, which (as it turns out) has some glaring inaccuracies that I just can't stomach anymore.

Corrections to things like the relative sizes of daggers, long-knives, short swords, arming swords, bastard swords, long swords (long swords are BIGGER than bastard swords; and even bastard swords are practically always used two-handed, never with a shield), and zweihänders. Or the fact that "great axes" and giant fantasy two-handed war-hammers are basically not a thing and never were, and that the largest historical axe and hammer weapons were pole-arms (namely pollaxes, bardiches, Lucerne hammers, and halberds) with long hafts, but relatively small heads.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Concerning Zak S.

Over the course of the past couple of days, the role-playing community at large, and the old-school gaming community in particular, has been rocked by revelations from multiple women that noted OSR artist, author, and blogger, Zak S./Smith/Sabbath (however it goes), is a reprehensible liar, manipulator, and sexual abuser.

Let me open by stating clearly that I believe Mandy, Hannah, Jennifer, and Vivka. They have my unequivocal support. Their accusations are credible beyond reasonable doubt, and also sufficiently rage-inducing that I would caution anyone against clicking those links unprepared for a gut-punch or three.

Zak's behavior, as described, is truly vile. He is a miscreant and a reprobate, and he has forfeited any claim to belonging in this community, online or otherwise.

The rest of my discussion on this matter is of considerably less relevance than the suffering of the victims, and their bravery in coming forward; therefore I relegate it to the remainder of the post, below the fold.