Thursday, August 11, 2016

Normal Animals are BORING.

WAAAAAANNNH… (whiny moans)… just bloody indexing the animals took SO LONG!

Like that mediæval monk wrote at the end of a hand-copied text of Aquinas's Summa:

Explicit secunda pars summe fratris thome de aquino ordinis fratrum predicatorum, longissima, prolixissima, et tediosissima scribenti: Deo gratias, Deo gratias, et iterum Deo gratias.
[Here ends the second part of the Summa of brother Thomas Aquinas of the Order of Preaching Friars, the longest, wordiest, and most tedious thing ever written: thank God, thank God, and again thank God.]

That's how I feel right now,  and I'm only finished with the second of eight monster sections.  The next part (chimeras, dragons, and magical beasts) is ALMOST AS FREAKING LONG.

What have I done… dear God, what have I done!?

UPDATE: Okay, the animals section is all paginated and illustrated now.  It's done, dead, in the grave, in the can, fini, I wash my hands.  Now to Deal with Dragons™.

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