Saturday, March 26, 2016

Risus Bench-Test? Resounding Success.

Finally, finally got to play this.  How did it work out?  To make a long story short, pretty darned good—and not, as near as I can tell, by any virtue singular to the rules.  The rules work well enough.  They're functional.  They have their good points and their flaws.

But mostly, they're simple and straightforward enough to just get out of the way most of the time and let me ref the game.  That's their greatest virtue.  (Incidentally, I like OD&D for the same reason—but Risus does it better.)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Farscape Rewatch Review #0

Now I'm going to start something.

I've been meaning for a long time to go back and re-watch my favorite sci-fi series (indeed, my favorite TV series) of all time—Farscape—front to back, not skipping any episodes.  Many a time, I've binged my way through the whole series as quickly as possible.  Sometimes I skip the slower episodes, if they're not hitting me; although, I do notice that if I don't skip any episodes, I still enjoy watching the series' poorer offerings.  But never have I slowly watched my way through it, one episode at a time, thinking critically, analyzing.  Others have, but I haven't taken a crack at it yet.  I want to, and hopefully I'll (a) have the time and (b) manage to use this as an excuse to actually write something interesting.

But first.

Monday, March 21, 2016


Okay, at long last, it's looking like next weekend I'll finally get to try out my Risus dungeon-crawling hack.  Next Sunday is both Easter and my birthday, so family is going to dominate my usual game-day; but the Saturday prior, the bulk of the gaming group can still get together.  Just not the whole group, so continuing D&D is out for this weekend.  The perfect opportunity to run a one-shot.

Now, my objective here is to essentially bench-test Risus and put it through its paces, to see how it fares as a dungeon-crawler RPG.  I've long held the opinion that OD&D is the best system there ever has been or will be for this sort of game, precisely because it wasn't designed around the idea so much as organically grown.  Rules were added as needed, no more, no less, the end result being a perfectly functional (and also fairly sleek and trim) little dungeon-heist wargame.

Monday, March 14, 2016

More English than Tolkien

I haven't posted here in a while for a couple of reasons.

• School's nuts.  Quantum II, EM II, and Astrophyics (which is fucking awesome and kind of tears it; when I go to grad school, it's gonna be for cosmology or astronomy).

• I've been very heavily back into writing fiction again (yay!), which produces a high all of its own which is very different from refereeing an RPG.  When you run an RPG, it's like being up on stage for a few hours—you're under constant pressure to think on your feet, to perform, and the adrenaline buzz gives you "DM's high".  Spending a day cranking out a story chapter or a screenplay, on the other hand, feels very much like running a marathon—and the feeling that accompanies finishing it is indistinguishable from "runner's high".