Saturday, December 19, 2015

I'm so relieved.

I passed Quantum Mechanics.  I passed it.  (*pant, pant*)

Oh, God.  Why can't I feel my brain?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Found a copy of the Arduin Trilogy at my FLGS

So this is pretty sweet: the local comic shop had a copy of the Arduin Trilogy boxed set in their display case today.  In practically pristine condition, even.  And I was able to buy it with a discount (do I ever love that Dragon's Lair Comics does that).

This will go nicely with my copy of OD&D (which my brilliant and eagle-eyed wife spotted at Half Price Books a couple of years back and snagged for a tenspot):

So, yeah, I'm pretty stoked.

Also planning to run a Risus one-shot this Sunday (since roughly half of my regular D&D players will be out of commission this weekend due to holiday gatherings &c.), for which purpose I've adapted a small and sandboxy D&D adventure that I wrote back at the beginning of this year, The Treasure of la Isla del Loro Muerto.

(The whole adventure is pretty much an extended Monty Python reference, but don't tell my players—half the fun is having them figure it out along the way.  Shhh!!!)  At any rate, Risus is doubtlessly the perfect system for such an adventure.

Until then… ugh.  I have to get back to finishing up my lab reports for the semester.  Finals are all done (even Quantum Mechanics I, thank the Force!), and now I just have to slog through a pile of busy work over the next two days.