Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Washing my hands of WotC

Yesterday, I sold all of my D&D 5th edition books to the local Half-Price Books.  I bought each of the core books as soon as they came out, but I never managed to read all the way through a single one of them.  (Crap, I couldn't even stay awake through the Starter Set.)  I don't know whether it was purely a matter of disinterest or more due to lack of time, but I suspect it doesn't really matter.  All I know for sure is that I was never going to get around to it.  I just don't have an incentive to learn a new edition.  There is nothing that 5th edition D&D can offer me that OD&D doesn't already—which is roughly the same thing as saying that there is nothing WotC can now offer me that I haven't already gotten from TSR.