Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hey-hey... I did it!

Phase One of operation "Gamer Nirvana" is complete.  It's a three-step process that looks something like this:

Step One: Collect the Hardware
Step Two: Make the Hardware Work
Step Three: Collect Sundry Tools for the Sake of Rampant Software Piracy *cough* I Mean Preservation of Historic Retro Games

(No, none of these steps involve "???" or "Profit", that meme is about as dead as the cultural relevance of the TV show that birthed it, South Park.)

Friday, April 3, 2015

At long, long last, I'm GAMING again!

Wow, cobwebs and tumbleweeds again.  I haven't posted on this blog since... September!?  Oy.

Okay... updates.  Half a year has gone by; much has happened.


I passed thermo.  I can't quite believe it, so I'll keep shouting it.  I freaking passed--aced-- thermodynaimcs!  I'm in mechanics and optics now, and it'll be electromagnetism and quantum mechanics next semester.  After that, all that's left are a couple of experimental physics labs and advanced electromagnetism and quantum theory, and I'll be done with my undergrad degree.  Weird that special & general relativity aren't required to graduate, but oh well, I want this over and done with ASAP.