Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I got a Virtual Boy...

...which means that now I has me all the Nintendos.  So, what holes remain in my ever-more-slowly-expanding hardware collection?  Depending on how pedantic I want to be...

- A few Atari machines left.  I don't have a Jaguar (or Jag-CD) or an STe/Mega/TT/Falcon.

- I might want to add an Amiga 600 to my collection if the opportunity presents itself, but that's it for Commodore machines.

- A PC-AT 286 would be the only IBM-type machine I'm missing.

- I still don't have either a Neo-Geo AES or CD console.

- There are still those few, rare, utterly terrible 8-bit computers I haven't found yet: Coleco Adam, Mattel Aquarius, and the Timex Sinclair series.

That's all.  I even found me an Apple //e 128k not long ago, so I'm not just faking it with an Apple ][c anymore. :)