Sunday, September 15, 2013

Retro Gaming and Hardware Collecting

I don't expect that I'll be blogging any more frequently in coming months than I had been this summer.  Homework and exams will likely occupy all my thought and energy that isn't devoted to either work or my ongoing JRPG-style Barbarians of Lemuria campaign.  Hell, I've already got upcoming physics and calculus exams in the next week.  Bloody vector calculus.  So hateful, and yet so necessary...

Anyway, for once, I'm not going to talk about tabletop RPGs.  I'm still carrying on that JRPG campaign (you can see the delightful setting map in my previous post), and I'll try to sustain it for as long as schoolwork isn't too overwhelming.  But these days, I'm more enamored with another kind of gaming: retro console and computer games.  After a few fortunate finds in game shops, thrift stores, and flea markets, I'm finally starting to realize a longtime dream of mine: to collect most every major gaming platform and get them working, so that I can use genuine hardware for video games rather than mere emulators.