Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hey, look, a setting map

So that JRPG-style setting that I've been wanting to create has finally come together. Take a look:

An entire world-map, done up on a hexagonal grid, at a scale of 60 leagues (180  mi / 290 km) to the hex.  That's a LOT of map.  But, in keeping with JRPG tradition, there are only a handful of cities marked on the map, a scant few points of light; and everything else is monstrous wilderness.  Naturally, if one assumes that mountains are a barrier only surmountable with an airship, it becomes easy to structure the whole world as a kind of "expanding  sandbox" that the PCs get more and more access to as they visit new towns, clear dungeons, and acquire better vehicles.

Now, ordinarily this kind of world would be perfect for a game of Retro Phaze.  And, heck, someday I might just publish this setting as a supplement for Retro Phaze.  But in the meanwhile, I intend to run this setting using my Barbarians of Lemuria high fantasy house rules (which have lately become something of a d20/BoL/Savage Worlds mashup; I'll have to post about that next).  It's quite exciting: now that I have a new campaign planned out, I'm of course going to start suffering from "gamer ADD" with respect to my current game... who knows how much longer the Shide Isle campaign can last, now that they PCs really just have a few dungeon levels left?