Monday, April 22, 2013


Eerie silence.  I guess that's what you get when you work, go to school, and run a sandbox campaign all at the same time: no spare moments leftover for blogging.  But, hey, finals are next week!  I'm almost done with this semester!  SUMMER IS NIGH UPON US, MWUHAHAHAHAHA!!!--


Sorry, got carried away for a moment there.  Anyhoo, I've got so many projects on the back-burner that have been awaiting a shred of free time, it's not even funny.  I need to make some typographical revisions to Engines & Empires & Retro Phaze, I still need to put out that E&E Supplement to fill in some of the missing details, and I want to write up and publish the mega-dungeon that I've used for my current campaign.  I also want to do something with my little high-fantasy hack of the BoL system (but we'll see how that goes after I run a full campaign with it, which is next on deck).

Now, as for my current game, "the Shade Isle Campaign", that's moved into a new stage after last night's session.  Half the party just reached the 9th experience level.  Most of the "overworld" quests (including the big one, the slaying of the black dragon Anarxsis who drove the dwarves out of the north) are now complete.  Two major plot threads remain, should the player characters choose to accept them: they still haven't delved any deeper down into the Shade Abbey Dungeons than the 4th or 5th level, barely scratching the surface of the latter; and, of course, there's always escaping from the island and taking revenge on the evil king who exiled them there in the first place.  So that'll be fun.


Man, y'know I'm just kind of depressed at how quiet everything is.  The OSR blogging scene is all but dead (probably thanks to the Grognardia kerfuffle).  My own interest in OSR gaming has waned considerable, as it's starting to feel like, with this last campaign, I've pretty much exhausted the possibilities of the sandbox/mega-dungeon campaign model.  (It's been downright thorough, let me tell you.  I've hit all the tropes and cliches with a hammer.  Twice.)  And, crap, hasn't been updated in three years -- where the crap did all that time go?  Life is a-flyin' by.

And summer can't get here soon enough.  Because, damn, Nebraska can be cold in the wintertime.  Enough is enough of that.