Monday, June 13, 2011

Pax Silentiaque

Last week, I had the opportunity to run Engines & Empires for my younger brother and some of his college buddies. I whipped up a five-floor mega-dungeon will all kinds of weird wizardry and the usual magical tricks and traps. That's the best sort of mega-dungeon, of course: the kind where in any given room, the laws of physics might be temporarily suspended in comical and disturbing ways. I cribbed liberally from Castle Amber and White Plume Mountain for some of the more bizarre tricks, but plenty of the deviousness was my own and original.

I'm really just writing this post to catalog the set of house rules I used for this game. I wanted to make things light and quick, so I eased up on some of the rules complexity in a few places. I also wanted the players to jump right in with some well-defined characters, hence the addition of a few more spots on the character sheet: