Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Finally finished mapping the overworld

Every last little lair, fortress, cave, and mini-dungeon in the Älyewinn module hex-crawl has finally been mapped: drawn, inked, gridded, labeled. My poor drawing-hand… it aches so much right now. I've still got scanning and photoshopping to do. And then I can finally finish laying out and editing part four. I still haven't touched the big dungeon yet, but it's so tantalizingly close. Hopefully I'll have time to work on it in the next day or two.

Nothing else tonight. Just a gripey update. ¦o

UPDATE: And now, at long long last, the hex-crawl portion of the book is done. *GASP* I made it. I can finally work on the dungeon now. Let's see, what all is left?

— Preface & contents
— Page references
— Draw and write up THE DUNGEON from my old notes
— Something like five appendices
— Take a few final editing passes

And then I can finally publish this puppy. And I still haven't gotten around to releasing either Engines & Empires or World of Gaia in print form on DriveThruRPG, because I keep catching little typos and having to re-up the files, which takes a bleeding week for the printer clear each time. UGH. Well, maybe fifth time's the charm. But at the rate things are going? Maybe I'll be able to order proofs of all three books at the same damned time!

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