Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Making Progress, Slowly But Surely

Quoting an earlier post of mine from 2017, back when I was working on E&E's Core Rules:
I have statted up all the monsters there are to be statted.  Here's the final tally:

33 abominations
172 animals (kill me.)
47 chimeras and magical beasts
42 constructs
29 fae spirits
44 humanoids and giants
27 planars and elementals
24 plants and oozes
16 undead

434 bloody monster entries in total.

Holy fucking shit.

I should just re-title this book "The Steampunk Monster Manual" and be done with it.
As things stand, I have just finished going back over abominations and animals. The animal chapter is… long. There are more entries in it than several other chapters put together, although those entries tend to be blessedly short and light on or even absent noteworthy description. 

So far, though, I haven't hit any areas where I need to make major changes to the monsters—that's coming for lycanthropes, faes, humanoids (my goodness, do I need to overhaul humanoids), and especially undead. Those are going to be the big hurdles.

Once that's done, its onto reorganizing the magical items chapter (there are lots of little tweaks I need to make to magical items based on things I've learned from my last several long-running campaigns; tl;dr, I'm kind of over mithril as a thing all magical armors and weapons need to be made from), and then the final cleanup—fixing up the character sheets and charts and tables, and (*shudder*) redoing the index.

EDIT: And that's chimeras/dragons in the bag! Onto constructs and automatons!
EDIT2: And that's constructs in the bag too. Now we're onto the frigging fae… This chapter doesn't need any truly major overhauls, but there is a bit of lore getting tweaked around here, so it will involve being meticulous as I go through it.

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