Thursday, November 30, 2017

Shade Isle Cover Mockup

It was high time I got around to working on this.  After all, it's been my most successful campaign and something of a go-to when introducing old-school to new groups.

I won't really begin in earnest until I've finished with Retro Phaze VI, but this project honestly has me far more excited.  After all, it's a hex-crawl, a mega-dungeon, and (let's see here… Diro's Tomb, Bruin Monastery, Melenkar Manor, Ruckberg Caverns, Ezulor Palace, and Rusttunnel Mines… six?) at least six more not-so-mega-dungeons spread out around an island full of plots and mysteries and all kinds of science-fantasy and demonic-cultish weirdness, on top of being a pœnal colony about three bungled steps by a group of adventures away from going to war with the fascist principality across the sea that planted it in the first place.

This might wind up being quite the thick book.  It's not a campaign setting, it's not an adventure, it's an entire campaign.

Honestly, the only think keeping me from working on this before now (apart from the fact that, you know, I really really had to revise Engines & Empires itself first) was a lack of artistic direction.  But now that I've figured out how I'm going to illustrate this puppy… let's just say that this book's interior is going to wind up looking quite different from the Core Rules and the Gaia setting.

And that's all I'll say about it for now.  Ain't I a tease?