Thursday, April 20, 2017

Now I can finally watch some TV…

I'm sure I'll get around to revising Retro Phaze quickly enough. (After all, all I really want to do is tweak the classes to make fighters and rogues a little more playable.) But in the meanwhile, I've been working on E&E so long and so obsessively that I've forgotten about other fun things to do.

My wife watched through Iron Fist; I mostly half paid attention to it in the background. But I did really like the parts of it I saw, so I don't understand all the harsh criticism it's getting.  My wife also started playing through Mass Effect: Andromeda, whereas I haven't even been arsed to install a graphics card in my PC capable of running the game. (I have the card sitting on the table by the PC; I just haven't bothered plugging it in.)

I'm slowly but surely working my way through the new MST3K and loving every moment of it. It's freaking fantastic. And I'm sure that once that's done, I'll pick back up with season one of Star Trek: TNG. (I still can't believe I've never watched it all the way through.) But for today… today, I'm in the mood for some truly classic MST3K.

I think that today, I'm going to watch me some Pumaman.

"Hm… the Pew-may-mun." —Tom Servo

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