Thursday, April 6, 2017

Designing Character Sheets

You know it's weird, but somehow I knew that I would just greatly enjoy designing (you can't really call it "writing") Appendix C.  I've Tetris'd together 14 pages of collected tables from previously in the book. (Really, there is no excuse not to include such a thing in any OSR game, looking up tables is one of the few reasons to ever consult the rulebook in the first place, and you're going to want them all in one place.) And now, the final few pages of the book (not counting the index and the OGL) will consist of record sheets.

I need to design:
• A character sheet
• A spell sheet & an invention sheet (although these days I'm reluctant to use such things: they seem make mage and tech players feel entitled to learn new spells every bloody time they go back to town)
• A general "stuff tracking sheet" for referees: I always use one behind my DM screen with spaces for NPC and monster stats, XP/treasure found by the party so far, and mini time-trackers
• Full time-tracking sheets for turns in a day and days on the calendar

In other words, the stuff I can't do without when I ref a campaign.

So now I get to do graphic design.  This is gonna be baller.

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