Saturday, April 1, 2017

Chapter 6 is finally wirtten

This was a fun one. Dungeon and wilderness design and advice for referees running campaigns. Very practical and engaging to write.  (My only beef: drawing the legend of dungeon symbols and wilderness hexes took a whole goddamned day.)

Now all I have left to do is mop up the three appendices (it's more editing already extant material than drafting anything new), index the book, and give it a final proofread for typos and kerning.

So it looks like my previous estimate was spot on: look for the Engines & Empires Core Rules to appear in print sometime in April!  (Of course I'll post the finished pdf right here before then.)

Once that's done, of course, I need to give Retro Phaze another minor little update (mostly just fixing the confusing dice notation), the World of Gaia setting that used to be a part of Engines & Empires is going to get its own book.  But, again, nothing really new there.

After that, I think I'll be ready to take a nice long break from working on RPGs again.  (But I'll get around to publishing the Shade Isle campaign and the dungeons of Shade Abbey eventually!)

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