Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ghostbusters 2016: Not Bad At All

Saw Ghostbusters last night.  As expected, it couldn't live up to the original—nothing could, of course.  Also as expected, the fact that it was a reboot rather than a sequel was inevitably disappointing; but then, what else could it be?  Ghostbusters II ignored the existence of the Real Ghostbusters, so it's not like any movie that came out this decade would ever, e.g., acknowledge that Extreme Ghostbusters existed.  A true sequel was never going to happen anyway, so… 

So what we got was best possible alternative.  A reboot with fun characters who had good chemistry.  The film isn't anywhere near as witty as the original (but then, who could ever match Bill Murray?  Although Kate McKinnon sure gets some goddamn props for stealing this new film in the same way Murray stole the original).

Pretty much everybody in the cast (with the sorry exception of Neil Casey, who played the lame villain, Rowan North) was fantastic in the movie.  McKinnon and Hemsworth rocked the house, but Wiig, McCarthy, Jones were as funny as they ever are.

It leaves me wanting a sequel.  And a new animated series with these characters.  

Not too shabby, considering what else could've been.

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  1. Now I want to play West End Ghostbusters...

    I'm going to try to see the movie, but my limitless expanses of free time have imploded and created a free time singularity where all free time is absorbed.