Thursday, June 23, 2016

E&E 2nd edition—chapter one complete

It's a curious thing, stripping the setting out of a game book and putting a complete set of core rules in its place.

It's also curious having the freedom to invent my own mechanics, and finding that most of the time I'd rather just go with what I know.

Anyway—a complete RPG book needs, what: character creation, items & equipment, rules for dungeon-crawling, rules for wilderness adventures, rules for combat, maybe some notes on vehicles, and then spells, items, monsters, and some encounter tables?

And a lot of that stuff, even from basic D&D, I don't actually use.  I just wing it, or I use a vastly simplified system (like what's found in Retro Phaze—a lot of that may just get lifted for E&E 2).

So with the first chapter done, I have character classes and equipment all hashed out, which puts me at about 20% right now.  I wonder if I'll have this done by the end of summer.


  1. It seems like it's a breeze to crank out simple OD&D based games... but I've been working on my White Box Cyberpunk for months...and that's just a collection of rules for personal use, not a book. I don't think I have the know-how or wherewithal to actually put it into a book.

    1. Eh, it's not all that hard. Willpower is harder to come by than know-how when it comes to this stuff, especially if you're just self publishing through Lulu or Amazon and using a bunch of Open Game Content.

    2. I have never had willpower in abundance, as my most recent blogpost so clearly illustrates.