Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I got a Virtual Boy...

...which means that now I has me all the Nintendos.  So, what holes remain in my ever-more-slowly-expanding hardware collection?  Depending on how pedantic I want to be...

- A few Atari machines left.  I don't have a Jaguar (or Jag-CD) or an STe/Mega/TT/Falcon.

- I might want to add an Amiga 600 to my collection if the opportunity presents itself, but that's it for Commodore machines.

- A PC-AT 286 would be the only IBM-type machine I'm missing.

- I still don't have either a Neo-Geo AES or CD console.

- There are still those few, rare, utterly terrible 8-bit computers I haven't found yet: Coleco Adam, Mattel Aquarius, and the Timex Sinclair series.

That's all.  I even found me an Apple //e 128k not long ago, so I'm not just faking it with an Apple ][c anymore. :)


  1. My gosh what a collection you must have.

    But my comment is in fact a leap of faith. In this thread ( http://forum.rpg.net/archive/index.php/t-711834.html ) you gave the guidelines to something that really spoke to my gamer intuition, or "gamertuition". You got something there, I could just sense it. So I took some liberties. I continued to develop your baby with great respect, & it is now a 40 pages old draft. Are you interested to see? It would truely be an honor.

    This may sound suck-up, but you are of great significance to my dorkiness. RetroPhaze was the only system I felt comfortable enough with to test myself as a GM. When I decided I was ready for something more, I stumbled on a thread, yours. It took me some time to understand that the man behind both systems was only one man. You're the man! So respect. 'Cause I'm a fan.

  2. Wow. Nice to have a fan! :)

    Sure, I'd love to look at your draft. I still intend to finish my "Decimus Engine" someday (I've even got a setting all mapped out to go with it) and make it into a proper book, but that whole project is on the back-burner in the meanwhile because of school.

    Honestly, for the same reason, it's probably going to be at least two weeks before I can really look at your draft---next week is the first round of exams for this semester, and I've got tests in calc and physics on the same day (ugh). But I'll happy go through it as soon as I find the time. I'm always happy to see what kinds of tweaks and innovations other game designers can cook up.

  3. Sure, no stress!

    I designed the document with tables & color codes to facilitate consultation (I love my lazy players so much). If you care to see it as intended, you may send me an email to this adress :: jermonegentilhomme@lovecat.com.

    Or shall I just... spill it all here?

    P.S. :: I really enjoyed your ranting about the letter ''j'' in latin.

  4. Does this mean we'll be getting a 3-D, red-monochrome supplement to Retro Phaze soon? Save vs. Migraine! ;)