Monday, February 10, 2014

AD&D 2e House Rules

The House Rules

Well, these are as complete as I'm bound to get in terms of actually writing up some rules.  Some stuff is kind of glossed over (weapons, treasure), and I think I forgot to add a morale table to my custom DM screen inserts (but that's an easy thing to keep in memory: I'll just use the simplified morale system I implemented in Retro Phaze, where morale checks are rolled on 2d6, but the target number to roll under to pass a morale check boils down to one of four categories, 6 for animals or cowardly monsters or conscripts, 8 for normal troops and most monsters, 10 for elite soldiers or intelligent undead or magical beasts like dragons, and 12 for mindless or completely fearless beings like golems and zombies).  Some stuff is just so naturally lodged into my brain from years and years playing these games that it doesn't really warrant writing down. :)

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