Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hardware Collecting Part 3

Well, I've added a few machines to my collection.  I got that Tandy CoCo 3.  I got an Amiga 500 relatively on the cheap (the FDD just needed a little repair work).  And I got an Atari STfm, which is one of the early Atari 16-bit models, with both the FDD and the RF modulator built into the console.

That means I've pretty much collected all the decent 8-bit gaming computers that were released in the USA (which still excludes a number of crappy platforms, like Timex Sinclair and Coleco Adam), and the only 16-bit computer I have left to find is the Apple IIgs.  32-bit machines remain (the IBM PC-AT, Amiga 1200, and Atari TT-series or Falcon), to say nothing of those dedicated gaming consoles and handhelds I still can't seem to find anywhere (Virtual Boy, Neo Geo, Atari Jaguar, and TurboGrafx-CD).

So, so very close...

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