Friday, September 30, 2011

What was it that Einstein said about time again?


There's just never enough of it, is there? I certainly never seem to have enough time to write, for this sake of this blog or otherwise. Life, work, and everything are always getting in the way. "Oy gevalt", I think, is the appropriate cliche for this manner of commiseration situation.

Oh, and there are also a couple of websites I can blame, like and, both being these swirling vortices into which all my free time has been periodically known to disappear.

(We won't even bring up the delightful ninth installment in the Mortal Kombat franchise. Ahem.)

Anyway... are we aware that the truly awesome and truly classic science show with Carl Sagan, Cosmos, is up on Hulu? And that a new version of the show is coming, which will involve both Seth MacFarlane and the incomparable Neil deGrasse Tyson? Good; glad we cleared that up.

And now back to your regularly scheduled... wait a minute, what the crap am I saying?

A schedule? On this intermittent and so-called "blog"? Oh, it is to laugh. *LOL*

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